Live recordings for your listening pleasure.

Alexandria, VA  December 31, 2009

  • Hallelujah (MP3 | FLAC), Dead Men’s Hollow ©2009
  • Soldier’s Return / Martha’s Reel (MP3FLAC), Dead Men’s Hollow ©2006
  • Tale of the Week (MP3 | FLAC), Dead Men’s Hollow ©2006
  • Smokey Mountain Memories (MP3 |FLAC), Earl Thomas Conley ©1973

Kennedy Center
Washington, DC  October 25, 2006

  • Download our entire set or listen to the songs of your choosing from in lossless FLAC16.

Kennedy Center
Washington, DC  January 28, 2006

  • Barroom Angel (MP3 | FLAC), Dead Men’s Hollow ©2001
  • Cuckoo Bird (MP3FLAC), Traditional Appalachian folk song, arr. DMH
  • Grandma Was a Cropduster (MP3 | FLAC), Dead Men’s Hollow ©2005
  • Join Me in Drinking (MP3 | FLAC), Dead Men’s Hollow ©1999
  • Southbound Train (MP3 | FLAC), Dead Men’s Hollow ©2001
  • The Night You Hung the Moon (MP3 | FLAC), Dead Men’s Hollow ©2005

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